Shadow Brokers Hacked Information through NSA, Makes the Agency Vulnerable

A professional hacking group released an information dump, which they allegedly stole from NSA detailing proved the capacity of the group to hack international banking institutions through Windows personal computers and servers utilized for financial transfers worldwide.

They recognized the group as the Shadow Brokers.

From the latest shared news information online, the group Shadow Brokers with the capability to hack international banks revealed information dump of which they allegedly stole from National Security Agency (NSA) financial detailing. According to the report, they released the data known as “Lost in Translation” wherein the listing includes Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, Qatar First Investment Bank as well as Tadhamon International Islamic Bank. All of these banking institutions were allegedly compromised by the hacking group.

Because of this kind of unlawful activity by professional hackers like the Shadow Brokers, the authorities are fearing that even the most secured methods in the world when we pay orders is becoming unsafe. Proved to this is the latest issue where hackers can compromise personal data such as penetrating the NSA.

Last month, there had been reports about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) unknown activities wherein they hack personal information from mobile phone users, especially from those who use iPhone devices. The reports added that the CIA utilizes its own strategies to monitor cyber activities, which many believe is illegal.

This particular revelation came from the WikiLeaks on March this year.


The Shadow Brokers were able to penetrate even the SWIFT Network, which they considered the safest way for financial transaction. This is the reason why many experts think that financial transactions worldwide is now possible vulnerable to hacking issues.

Based on the reported information, banks use SWIFT Network to transact trillions of dollars daily with almost 11,000 registered banks and securities organizations all over the world.

From the reports coming from Wired, the listed banks on the documents include a note “box has been implanted and we are collecting.” This is what the NSA utilizes to indicate spyware in determining it implanted on the computer successfully.

 Based on the investigation of Matt Suiche, the listed Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the banks do not match the machine of the banks. Rather, they are listed to the machines through EastNets, which is the biggest Middle East’s SWIFT agency.

“This is the equivalent of hacking all the banks in the region without having to hack them individually,” said Suiche who is a security researcher.

In line with this, EastNets tweeted that hackers did not compromise their machines and the claims are not credible to involve them. On the other hand, Edward Snowden believed that the statement of EastNets is not real and that hackers attacked their systems. He added that almost all financial networking systems operating through Windows might be susceptible to hackers because the hacking arsenal of NSA is widely visible and easier for any hacking group.

Snowden is a former CIA contractor and left America few years ago after revealing leaks about phone surveillance and personal information online intercepted by American intelligence.

As for Microsoft, the company stated through Wired that it reviews the submitted report and assures to take the right actions to secure their valued clients.

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