New WannaCry XXL Attacks Transpired, Cyber Experts Revealed

Right after the previous cyber attack caused by Ransomware just a couple of weeks ago, there are now speculations that a second attack might transpire and bigger than the previous one.

Cyber crime experts are now looking at the WannaCry XXL and this is a bigger Ransomware attack if it transpires.

Based on the shared information online through, cyber experts are still monitoring the situation of the WannaCry Ransomware attack and yet a new possible larger attack might happen anytime. This is the second biggest cyber attack of unknown and experienced online hackers who are capable of using more inventive tools that can penetrate millions of sensitive data to their targeted victims.

These hackers are now preparing to launch the DoublePulsar and EternalBlue platforms, which the National Security Agency (NSA) created and utilized. Unfortunately, the ShadowBrokers cyber attackers were able to exploit them last month without any permission from the NSA.

In line with this issue, a security research expert from Proofpoint revealed his statement about the possible upcoming cyber attack.

“Initial statistics suggest that this attack may be larger in scale than WannaCry, affecting hundreds of thousands of PCs and servers worldwide: because this attack shuts down SMB networking to prevent further infections with other malware (including the WannaCry worm) via that same vulnerability, it may have in fact limited the spread of last week’s WannaCry infection,” Kafeine stated who is just using an alias.

According to the shared information online also, the objective of the newest attack is to utilize the two exploited platforms in installing Adylkuzz (a type of cryptocurrency miner) through wireless and local area networks. On the other hand, the process might possible slow down the spreading of the cyber attack.

Compared to WannaCry, the Adylkuzz somehow affected the performance of the computer and server because of extracting the cryptocurrency. However, it does not prevent the user from accessing the computer and information, the report added.

Experts recognized the process as “picking your poison.”

Based on the investigation of the researchers from Proofpoint, the attack using Adylkuzz might already transpire on April 24. Due to the issue about the WannaCry attacks, they did not give much interest on it.

The multiple cyber private servers attack made the internet prone to installing the Adylkuzz miner.

According from the report of Proofpoint, there are at least 3 addresses that generated huge amount of money before shutting them off. The total amount includes $7,000, $14,000 as well as $22,000.

The person responsible of the attack is knowledgeable about the vulnerability and so he/she replaces the payment address online on a regular basis.

In line with this, there are also reports about the latest revealed cyber weapon in Maryland last week. From the report of CBS Baltimore, some cyber bandits had stolen as well as illegally converted the tool for possible worldwide attack online.

This is actually the potential massive hacking software by the NSA. 

Some experts believe that NSA ought to be aware of the consequences and must protect all its tools use for surveillance purposes.

It is also alarming that a powerful spying device like EternalBlue from the headquarters of NSA in Maryland became a tool by the cyber criminals due to software flaw.


With the newest revealed massive attack, it might be possible that the world can expect more in the coming years.

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