Privacy Policy

We understand the value of respecting the actual privacy of all visiting people. Because these people are sharing information or details, we assure all of them the protection they need. This guideline handles all the gathered data or information and this is crucial to help us in evaluating the data. We remind all users as well as visitors about the importance of this policy whenever they decide visit and view the published content.

Required Data or Information    

We remind all the users and visitors to submit the necessary data/information such as the name, home address, citizenship, registered email and state for verification purpose. When we gather the data/information, we do not pressure both users and visitors because they must submit them in voluntary.

Sharing of Collected Data/Information

The necessary information/data we collect are safety from us. However, we may as well need to distribute them to authorized government agencies, legal third parties and companies with an existing agreement from us. We only permit them to utilize the data when they need to resolve legal matters under the existing law. In case the law requires us to distribute information to other legitimate parties, the agreement must be respected.

Checking of Web Cookies or Internet Beacons    

Our website complies with the existing guidelines when we need to check/evaluate the cookies (known as Internet beacons). On this, we respect the imposed guidelines and the cookie consent even from the EU when accepting visitors or users from this region. The information we collect from all valid users and visitors usually include the current browser and Operating System during the visits. We need to collect such data to ensure us proper monitoring and verifying the number of people who view and use our site daily.

Privacy Guideline Modification

This existing policy is very important and if we need to change anything from it, we have the authority to do so. Meaning, we can change and/or delete any information from this policy without requiring us any consent.